Insulation Contractors Waltham MA

Anderson Insulation is happy to provide the community of Waltham Massachusetts with their range of insulation services. Located just outside of Boston, Waltham has around 24,000 households with a wide range of homes. From new construction buildings being put up to older houses that have been around for years, we find there are still so many people in need of our insulation services. Being in business since 1949, there is no one that seemingly knows our customers better than we do! From commercial to residential needs, reach out to Anderson to get the job done.

As a full service insulation company, we offer a range of different insulation materials including:

Each insulation type holds its own benefits and depending on your specific scenario we can make the best recommendation to you.


The most recognizable type of insulation by far is fiberglass. For our fiberglass insulation we use the PROPINK line from Owens Corning. A leader in the insulation industry, after we are done, you’ll know that your home or commercial property will be set for a long time to come. Fiberglass is odor free, non-corrosive and non-combustible, protects against moisture build-up and mold growth, and so much more!


Spray Foam:

With the largest spray foam insulation team in the Northeast, you know you are working with the right guys. Spray foam is exactly what it sounds like, sprayed out of a hose and it sticks in between walls as an amazing insulator. Spray Foam has a very high r-value, creates a seamless air barrier, fits into hard-to-reach areas, reduces noise and much more!



The perfect insulation material for homes that are already established is cellulose. No major renovations are needed and you can get your house back up and working very quickly. We find homes all the time that need to be revamped in terms of insulation, so cellulose is a great option for those people.

For more information about Anderson Insulation, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone 781-857-1000 or through our online contact form.

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As you file your taxes this year, don’t forget that if you made qualified energy-efficient improvements to your home in 2023, including insulation, you may qualify for a tax credit of up to $3,200.Click here to learn more.