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Anderson Insulation proudly provides the city of Taunton, Massachusetts with a wide range of insulation services. Currently working with both homes in construction as well as current homes that are in need of insulation, we are the leading insulation contractor in Massachusetts. Taunton is a medium-sized city in Massachusetts with around 55,000 thousand residents, and we understand the Massachusetts climate and how necessary it is to keep your home properly insulated during that constantly changing seasons. Whether you live in Massasoit State Park or along the Taunton River banks, we are here to help.

Our Insulation Services: 

Spray Foam   |   Fiberglass    |   Cellulose

Spray Foam

Anderson Insulation is proud to man the largest group of spray foam-dedicated trucks in the entire Northeast. With spray foam bearing a high R-value, it is our go-to choice for insulating homes and commercial businesses. Unlike fiberglass, spray foam insulation can be used to fill small voids that would not normally be insulated. This leads to a tighter house with fewer drafts.


Fiberglass insulation is the typical “cotton candy” looking insulation that most people imagine when thinking of insulation. Fiberglass is great for its non-combustible and non-corrosive properties as well as the ability to be installed without the need for wet adhesives or fire-retardant chemicals. We choose to use Owen Corning PROPINK loose-fill fiberglass in our installs. Loose-fill insulation allows for a more precise fill and conforms to the shape of your wall cavities.


In New England, cellulose insulation remains one of the most popular forms of insulating your home. With little to no preparatory work, cellulose insulation can be blown into your home. Commonly used as attic insulation, cellulose sits atop your ceiling to keep the hot air of your attic from entering your home. We at Anderson Insulation rely on Nu-Wool Cellulose insulation for our work on homes.

Our Work: 

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