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Anderson Insulation is happy to provide the community of Concord New Hampshire with a wide range of reliable and professional insulation services. Whether it be a commercial space, a new home being built or an older home that is just lacking the amount of insulation it should have, we are here to help. The capital of New Hampshire, Concord is home to around 45,000 people which consists of a range of different homes. Whether you live downtown, up near the Beaver Meadow Golf Course or down near Turkey Pond, please feel free to reach out.

Our Insulation Services: 

Spray Foam   |   Fiberglass    |   Cellulose

Spray Foam

With the largest Spray Foam insulation fleet in the entire North East, there is no company to choose besides Anderson Insulation for your spray foam. Why should I insulate my property with spray foam?

  • Air-tight seal: Air leaks are one of the biggest reasons for energy price spikes and with spray foam, you’re able to get an air-tight seal whether you need it.
  • Moisture barrier: Spray foam is actually able to protect against any water leak in your house. Unlike other insulation materials that may absorb water, spray foam does not.
  • Deters Mold: Building off our previous point, this directly leads to less of a chance of mold build up.

Contact our specialists and learn why our team and spray foam is the perfect team for you.


One of the most common insulation materials found out there, and one of the most used, is Fiberglass insulation. Incredibly reliable and tested over the course of time, we use Owens Corning fiberglass insulation for all of our products. A high quality material that you can rest assure will do its job the way it should.


The last type of insulation available to you is Cellulose. We recommend cellulose for homeowners that already have an established home but are in need of additional insulation. Cellulose is great for the most part because you don’t need major renovations to install it.

Our Work: 

For more information about how our team can work with you, please feel free to reach out. Whether you live in Concord NH or a surrounding community, we can be contacted over the phone at 207-653-0331 or through our online contact form.

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