To insulate means to restrict or prevent the flow of something. It is often used to refer to the degree of conductivity of electricity or heat. Over the years, it has been the saving grace for many modern households. Today, we will examine what exactly it is and how it works.

What is Insulation?

Insulation or thermal insulation is a thermally resistant barrier restricting heat flow into and from the house. This thermal resistance is due to the nature of the materials or a so-called thermal insulator. In simple terms, the rate of flow of heat within insulators is low, meaning in the winter, it keeps the heat in the home by not allowing it to escape to the colder outer air, and in the summer, it keeps it out by reducing the flow of heat from the air and sun. These simple but effective capabilities allow you to keep the cost due to energy bills lower.

During the summer, to increase the effectiveness of your air-conditioner, it is advised that you install your insulation on your attic or walls; it will significantly reduce the heat coming in. Heat can be transferred through the three means of conduction, convection, and radiation and for insulation to work correctly, it needs to restrict all three. To this effect, you are advised to see insulation as an extra add-on and as a system in the house, meaning your home should be suitable for insulation in every way, shape, or form.

Types Of Materials Used For Insulation

Fiberglass: Batts and Rolls

Fiberglass is the most common form of insulation, and it uses flexible fibers as a material. It is cheap and can be fitted anywhere in any dimension you desire.


Anderson Insulation is New England’s expert on cellulose insulation. Cellulose is a key way to insulate a home without extensive renovations. It can be blown in from either the inside or outside.


Spray foam insulation is a cheap and quick method that uses special liquid foam sprayed into a cavity between floorboards and walls to form a special barrier of insulating material.

Work with Anderson Insulation

Some of the most common materials used for insulation include fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam. If you’re thinking of getting a cost-effective installation or retrofitting of your insulation, Anderson Insulation is the best team for the job. Get in touch with our team to acquire the best insulation installation service.  

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