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Spray Foam Insulation

Anderson Insulation has been spraying foam insulation for the past 17 years and we have the largest fleet of trucks devoted solely to spraying foam insulation in the Northeast.

Spray Foam insulation is quickly becoming the favorite insulation for architects, builders and homeowners. Spray foam works in two ways: It has a higher functioning R-value than traditional batts because of its built-in air-sealing quality and its vapor retarding capability which when combined create immense savings on utility bills for the consumer.

We Use Two Kinds of Foam:

Half-Pound Foam (Open-Cell Foam)


We use Icynene ® spray foam insulation for all of our half-pound foam applications. Icynene ® is the most extensively tested foam insulation product on the market.

Years ago we teamed up with Icynene ® and we collaborated in pioneering spray foam in New England. We are the largest Icynene ® spray foam dealer in the world, winning Dealer of the Year honors eight of the last nine years.

We have found that Icynene ® works well in both new construction and retrofit applications, although there are some limitations with retrofitting. See Blown-In Insulation for retrofits.

Two-Pound Foam (Closed-Cell Foam)

Anderson also uses  Icynene ® two-pound spray foam insulation.

Two-pound foam has a very high R-value per inch, and Icynene® can add structural integrity to the walls in which it is sprayed. This foam also acts as a very good moisture-control agent.

For those who need additional structural integrity and/or higher R-Value, Anderson Insulation can also provide two pound density urethane spray foam for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. We find that using two-pound foams works well in areas where there is greater chance of moisture to build up. Areas such as basement foundation walls are ideal for two-pound spray foam insulation. It also is useful in marine applications and refrigeration applications.